My breeding philosophy

Primarily my dogs are family members!
They live with me in the house and accompany me wherever I go. They are my passion and get all my love.
And that is exactly what I want for my puppies. 

Breeding aims:
My goal is to breed healthy, characteristic and steady-natured Ridgebacks that accompany their new owners confidently in all life situations and enrich their lives.
Today, no Ridgeback has to hunt through the African bush anymore, but we as breeders aim to breed family dogs that do not lose the character of a typical Ridgeback.
Therefore, the selection of the mating animals is one of my most important tasks!

From day one, my dogs grow up in the house; I place the litter box in the living room, ensuring that the puppies have very close contact to me and get used to everyday sounds such as televisions, vacuum cleaners, visitors, or other noises.
Of course, I guarantee a 24 hour „all-round care“ for my puppies within the first 9 weeks.
After the first week in the litter box, the dogs can also walk around in the living room.
Within 4-5 weeks, the puppies will have the opportunity to walk directly from the living room onto the terrace and the garden. In the garden, all kinds of toys are waiting for the little ones. From this point on, all friends, acquaintances and new puppy parents may come to visit.

After the 8th week, before handing over the puppy to the new puppy parents, all puppies will be examined by a breed warden and a final inspection report is written up for each puppy. Of course, at this time all puppies are also  dewormed a bunch of times, vaccinated, microchipped and in possession of an EU pet passport (vaccination).

As a member of the VDH (German Dog Association) I breed according to the breeding rules of the association – All my puppies receive an official pedigree with a pedigree certificate.

After I hand over the puppies to their new owners, the service does NOT end - I'm always available for the new owners at any time!

I'm happy to advise you in all matters concerning the dog and would like to have a dogs-life-long contact with the owners of our puppies.

What I want for the puppies:
In keeping with the name of our kennel, Saruni, which means a place of peace.

I want responsible people that enable my puppies a Ridgeback-appropriate life - My puppies should be treated and loved like family members. In return, they will be faithful companions in all life situations.
If you are interested in one of our puppies, then I would be pleased to get to know you and your family in advance.

Dog shows:
I will be happy to help and advise you if you, as the new owner, are interested in exhibiting your dog.